Bizible Adds Google AdWords ROI Reporting For Salesforce

Bizible, a marketing analytics app for, has launched a feature to enable Google AdWords cost data to be imported and tied to actual revenue posted in Salesforce. The AdWords ROI Dashboard enables revenue tracking against keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns.

Bizible AdWords ROI Dashboard for Salesforce

The AdWords ROI Dasbboard was released generally last week. The company says beta testers have used the dashboard to track AdWords’ ROI based on closed opportunities in Salesforce, quickly visualize the sales pipeline of AdWords leads, and project future performance of AdWords campaigns by looking at open opportunities and historical closure rates.

With the cost import feature, the dashboard shows total AdWords spend, cost per deal and projected cost-per-deal.

Data can be analyzed down to the ad content and keyword levels and is exportable to Excel.

Bizible is also the company that launched a free URL auto-tagging utility for Bing Ads campaigns. Aaron Bird, Bizible CEO, reports the tool has been used to tag more than 9 million ads, and has been updated to allow advertisers to override existing UTM parameters.