Brand Bias: 70% Of Consumers Look For Known Retailers When Doing Product Searches

surveymonkey-sel-logosNew research from Search Engine Land and SurveyMonkey shows that consumers have a definite brand bias when it comes to searching for products online.

According to data from a survey conducted last month, almost 70 percent of US consumers said they look for a “Known retailer” when deciding what search results they click on. That was the most popular response, followed by “Free shipping” and then “Discount or sale offer.”

Respondents were able to choose up to three answers to the question, What is most important in helping you decide which results to click on in a search engine search?

The top two replies were the only ones chosen by more than 50 percent of the 400+ consumers that took the survey. Rounding out the top five are “Image and price is shown” and “Review stars.”

Here’s the full chart showing each response:


The survey was conducted on November 21-22, 2013 by Search Engine Land and SurveyMonkey. Results were collected with a 95 percent confidence interval and a 5 percent margin of error from more than 400 Americans using SurveyMonkey Audience.

Where Consumers Search For Gifts: Google & Amazon

We also asked the group of consumers which sites they plan to use this year when searching online for gifts. Perhaps not surprisingly, Google and Amazon were the runaway choices at 67 percent and 66 percent, respectively. They were the only two sites to be named by more than a quarter of consumers. Ebay ranked third with 24 percent.

But surprising to me, at least, was the strong showing of both Groupon and Etsy. Groupon was named by 13 percent of respondents and Etsy by almost 12 percent, meaning both sites scored higher than Pinterest and Bing. Shopping comparison engines Shopzilla, Nextag, Pricegrabber and Bizrate were the lowest scorers.


We’ll be sharing more of this new data tomorrow with stories covering mobile search and retargeting on both Search Engine Land and Marketing Land.