Call Tracking And Analytics 101

US consumers will make more than 100 billion mobile calls to businesses this year. Nearly two out of three consumers say it’s very — or extremely — important to be able to call a business during their purchase journey. Call tracking and analytics have become a marketing technology “must-have” as a result.

Join Mike Boland, BIA/Kelsey’s Chief Analyst and VP of Content, and Ross Kaplan-Winn, Search Engine Marketing Manager at Top Level Management, as they offer a primer on how to use and benefit from call tracking and analytics. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use click-to-call to increase your AdWords effectiveness.
  • Utilize call tracking and still maintain SEO efficiency.
  • Understand the relationship between your online and offline channels.

Register now for “Call Tracking and Analytics 101: Tactics to Improve Online/Offline Channel Efficiency,” produced by our sister site, Digital Marketing Depot, and sponsored by CallRail.

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