China Blocks DuckDuckGo, The Privacy Search Engine


China has blocked DuckDuckGo, the privacy search engine, that recently made big news when Apple added them as a default search option to iOS and their upcoming desktop operating system.

The Founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg, confirmed that his search engine was blocked by Chinese regulators. He confirmed this yesterday on Twitter and said it was blocked “a few weeks back.” also shows that DuckDuckGo is blocked in all Chinese regions including Beijing, Shenzen, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang Province and Yunnan Province.

It is unclear as to why China has blocked the search engine but it might be due to them not complying with their filtering regulations.

Gabriel Weinberg told us they are not working with Chinese officials to try to unblock DuckDuckGo in China.

Google has been blocked by China several times in the past, so this may be DuckDuckGo officially making their mark as a powerful search alternative.

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