Content Marketing That Drives Conversions

Relevant, engaging content now plays a critical role in nurturing prospects into the purchase funnel to become customers. How can marketer’s produce, distribute, and optimize well-defined content assets – including blogs, email, infographics, landing pages, and videos – to create deeper prospect engagement and contribute to business goals and bottom-line results?

On Thursday, March 1, join Rachel Rosin, Act-On Software’s Web and Content Optimization Manager, and Travis Piepho, Founder and Partner at Prospectr Marketing, as they offer practical solutions to these content marketing challenges. You’ll learn:

  • What makes content engaging and relevant to prospects.
  • How to execute persona-driven lead nurturing campaigns.
  • How to track and measure the impact of content marketing on conversions.
  • How leading brands are demonstrating the ROI of their content marketing.

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