Cookie ‘Black Friday’ Instagram Users With Facebook Custom Audiences


In this week’s edition of aimClear’s Psychographic Targeting Hot House, Rachel Malone-Olson, Social Account Manager, delivers Black Friday cookie pools wrapped and ready for promotion.

Facebook delivered mid-August with Website Clicks and Mobile App Install campaigns that are able to display ads in Instagram with Facebook targeting.

Facebook’s targeting capabilities + Instagram’s visual prowess = MARKETING GOLD.

With Christmas right around the corner (yes, it’s coming) and Black Friday being the holy grail of sales and profit, curating well-intentioned and viable cookie pools will make paid promotion a breeze.

Here’s how it’s done.

Create a website click campaign within Facebook, for Instagram placement.



Segment products or services by interests and behaviors, then send users to a customized landing page through Instagram’s CTA.



When you enter the Black Friday showdowns, come armed with perfectly pre-curated audience pools that hit your Instagram landing pages and take advantage of cheaper CPCs!



Happy Marketing!

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