DailyMotion Says Google Is Cheating, Serves Up Its Own Video Content Over DailyMotion Videos

DailyMotion-logo-Feb-2014The president of French video platform DailyMotion Giuseppe de Martino told UK newspaper The Independent he believes Google is leveraging unfair search practices, serving up YouTube videos in place of DailyMotion content.

Independent reporter Ian Burrell writes:

[De Martino] claims that sometimes when internet users search Google for DailyMotion videos they mysteriously don’t appear – yet YouTube-hosted alternatives appear among results.

According to the report, Google denies they have engaged in any unfair search result practices.

DailyMotion boasts 120 million monthly unique visitors and more than 2.5 billion video views per month. Earlier this year, the site reported it would be launching six original programming series, the first starring celebrity chef Mario Batali.

De Martino told The Independent, “Nothing has been done for companies like us who are challenging Google’s subsidiaries.” He went on to say, “Europe should be aware the US is ruling the digital world and Europe should react.”

Burrell noted the European Commission gave Google the “all-clear” earlier this year after a year-long investigation into its search practices.