Digital transformation is like changing a tire while driving. Challenging… but possible.


car-compressorBack in 2007, I took a job with a large software company that built a massive but traditional software business. My team was challenged with shifting our enterprise CIO customers perspectives away from traditional products to cloud-based enterprise offerings. At times it felt like we were trying to change a tire on a car while driving it.

I was reminded of that analogy in a recent interview by MarTech Program Chair Scott Brinker. In talking with Gaurav Bhatia, vice president of digital strategy for AARP Services,a US-based membership and interest group, Scott learned about AARP’s recently revamped customer experience platform. Gaurav noted this about the transformation:

“The biggest challenge we faced was the scale of transformation required. It was like building a new car and running the old car at the same time.”

Coping with marketing, technology and management issues in the midst of digital transformation, while concurrently running your legacy business, can be daunting. It is the martech challenge.

That’s why we’ve assembled an incredible group of industry experts, marketing technologists and leading thinkers. We’ve asked them to share their stories, successes and failures at MarTech this November in London. MarTech is designed to help you understand what it takes to change that tire while keeping your business running smoothly.


This year’s lineup will help you tackle some of the toughest challenges you are facing today! Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

What are the best frameworks to consider?
Max Goijarts with OnModus – Nutricia will talk about how technology is an enabler, not a solution. He will dive into digital maturity models, using data to drive the customer journey and how to manage your teams and operations.

How should I think about governance?
Justin Dunham from Urban Airship will talk about how marketing operations is a philosophy and not a department. Justin focuses on a set of marketing principles including accountability through data, developing a test-and-learn culture and developing effective playbooks for your entire organization.

What does personalization and experimentation look like at scale?
Jason Heller of McKinsey & Company will provide a fresh look into how organizations can use personalization in the real-world. Jason will discuss the operational realities of using emerging technologies to drive personalization and how to mobilize your organization to seize the opportunity.

See the full lineup of sessions and speakers here.

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— Marc & the MarTech Europe Conference Team

P.S. After reading Scott’s post, I found a video of guys changing a tire while it’s driving down the road. The next time you have to explain how difficult martech is to a colleague, inspire them with this.

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