DoubleClick Search Inventory Campaigns Now Auto-Create Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords

DoubleClick logoInventory-aware campaigns in DoubleClick Search, designed to automate campaign management for inventory-reliant search campaigns, are getting even more dynamic. DoubleClick Search now automatically creates ad groups, ads and keyword lists for inventory-aware campaigns based on your settings.

Launched back in August as “inventory management,” inventory-aware campaigns integrate with Google Merchant Center to apply changes to search campaigns based on the inventory levels and other settings like prices, descriptions and landing pages in a retailer’s feed. Until this latest update, advertisers set up the ads and keywords themselves.

A few things to note when managing inventory-aware campaigns: ad groups in inventory-aware campaigns cannot be modified. Changing any properties of a keyword will “detach” the keyword from inventory management, and you won’t be able to recreate that keyword in the inventory managed campaign again. While you can add new ad copy to ad groups, you cannot change or pause generated ad copy.