How Dr. Dre got lost in Albuquerque SEO

This post is kind of off topic, but I was doing some spying on “the other guys” who are trying to rank for some of the same terms I am currently ranking for and came across something truly shameful. Before I actually get into my discovery, let be known that several search engine marketers, and small to mid size shops outsource some of their search engine optimization tasks (writing, creating accounts, etc) to various outsourcing companies and have had several mixed results, most common pitfalls are bad grammar or incorrectly formatted sentences in articles or blog posts. If you ever come across something like this you have discovered a few things which I’ve noted below:

1. Whomever is trying to compete with you has become desperate.

2. They are using bots to automate back-linking. (which is never a good idea, as bots leave footprints easily tracked by Google, and also leave horrible content that stands out as not being written by a human. Also most importantly, you are represented by this material and if users ever find this horrible content, it will be back-linking to your site, ewwww!

3. You are winning and keep up the good work!!!! Hah

OK, so see the pic below to see what I am talking about.

If you look close enough, you can find a keyword buried in there, what makes it worse is that I can find this same bit of text in other blog posts, etc that have been done by the same bot, or outsources that are doing this work for whatever company this is from, (I think I know who they are, but will not mention them) There is so much more that I found but do not have time to go into. Anyway just thought I would share something off topic with you guys. I find all kinds of weird stuff when I am using my arsenal of tools. (I do hardcore research on my markets, so I find everything that anyone in that market has done, is doing and is planning to do on the internet, and then I dominate. Its part of our full SEO services process. Until next time.

Peace and positive energy flow.

Uzzeyel KhuELenne