DuckDuckGo Releases New Beta Site With Redesigned Look & Added Features

duckduckgo-featuredDuckDuckGo. the search engine known for protecting the privacy of its users, announced a new “reimagined and redesigned” beta site today.

According to the announcement, the new site will deliver smarter answers and have a more refined look.

DuckDuckGo has also added new features, including an image search, auto-suggest and places.

The new site is in beta and still has a few things not working properly yet, including settings and  instant answers. Also, DuckDuckGo’s announcement said IE8 is functional, but not “fully cleaned up” yet.

Here’s a look at the newly designed homepage:

DuckDuckGo New homepage

And the site’s new image search: DuckDuckGo New image search

DuckDuckGo claims the plan is to make the new site the default version within the next month, but wants to get more feedback first. The site is asking users to submit comments via its “Give Feedback” button, and to post in the forum where the announcement was made.