Dynamic Advertising: The Key To Scaling Personalized Ads


After a great deal of time and effort, you’ve finally collected enough data to identify meaningful audience segments. Now what?

Marketers are excited about the prospect of being able to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Unfortunately, while collecting data is easy, finding smart ways to use it is much more difficult — especially for larger brands who need to scale their advertising to encompass hundreds, thousands, or even millions of products.

That’s where dynamic ads come in. With dynamic advertising, you can create customized, personalized ads that are dynamically generated based on audience data you’ve collected.

In my column on Marketing Land today, “Scaling Programmatic Advertising With Dynamic Ads,” I explain the various flavors of dynamic advertising available to digital marketers, including:

  • Google’s Product Listing Ads
  • Google’s Dynamic Remarketing Ads
  • Facebook Exchange (FBX) dynamic retargeting
  • Facebook Dynamic Product Ads (DPAs)
  • Third-party dynamic product retargeting

Want to learn more? Click here for the full article on Marketing Land.

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