Earth Day Google doodles highlight planet’s 5 major biomes

Earth Day Google doodle 2016

To celebrate Earth Day, Google has replaced its logo today with a series of five artful illustrations highlighting the planet’s five major biomes: tundra, forest, grasslands, desert and coral reefs.

The series of doodles were created by doodler Sophia Diao, who says she wanted to focus on one animal from each of Earth’s ecosystems.

“I am personally in awe of nature’s persistence and creativity,” says Diao on Google’s Doodle blog, “Our planet — with its alternate scorching heat and bitter cold, its jagged peaks and deep trenches — may not always be kind to its inhabitants. Yet somehow the flora and fauna of Earth manage to thrive.”

We live on a beautiful planet, and it’s the only one we’ve got. Happy Earth Day!

This year represents the 46th Earth Day on record. Started in 1969 by environmental activist John McConnell — and recognized by the US Senate a year later — Earth Day is now celebrated in nearly 200 countries worldwide.

A new logo will appear whenever the home page is refreshed. Each of the logos leads to a search for “Earth Day” and includes a sharing icon to post the selected logo on social pages.

Here are all five of Google’s 2016 Earth Day doodles:

The Tundra

Google logo1

The Forest

Google logo2

The Desert

Google logo3

The Coral Reefs

Google logo4

The Grasslands

Google logo5

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