Enhanced Campaigns Countdown: 10 Best Images That Told Us How You Really Feel

T-minus just days until Google flips the switch on AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. For a bit of a break, we’ve rounded up the best blog post images and meme hijacks made about Enhanced Campaigns since Google announced their arrival in February.

In no order of greatness, here are your Top 10:

How to explain the origins of enhanced campaigns? Search Mojo brought forth the Ancient Aliens guy to give an answer, which was: Aliens, of course.

search-mojo.com enhanced campaigns

In one of the earliest case studies on Enhanced Campaigns, Portent posted February 22 about the rise they saw in brand keyword CPCs on tablets using this priceless image.

Portent enhanced campaigns

Grumpy Cat made an appearance in a post from Crescent Interactive about the pros and cons of enhanced campaigns. Grumpy Cat appeared unimpressed, but author Jill Dupre did have some positive things to say about Enhanced Campaigns features.

Crescent Interactive enhanced campaigns grumpy cat

Amplify Interactive captured the early reactions of many to the concept of mobile bid modifiers in a post featuring a “wide-eyed” teen at a concert.

Amplify Interactive enhanced campaigns

The “One Does Not Simply” meme from Lord of the Rings popped up on the Lunametrics blog in a post that acknowledged the challenges of implementing the changes, but pointed out 5 positive features of the new structure.

Lunametrics enhanced campaigns

The Batman meme made a couple of appearances. KlientBoost used it to great effect in the image below in highlighting what they saw as the good (minimal), and the bad, ugly and “ehhh” of Enhanced Campaigns.

KlientBoost enhanced campaigns

Whereas Swellpath used the Batman meme to help correct the false early assumption of some that all campaigns had to opt-in to mobile (meaning smartphones). Update: Fang Digital Marketing actually used the image below first, on February 19, in a post debunking 6 top myths of Enhanced Campaigns.

Swellpath Batman-Meme-Enhanced-Campaigns

Apparently, Morpheus from the Matrix likes to convey good news about Enhanced Campaigns. Swellpath used him to point out the benefits of new sitelink extension options in Enhanced Campaigns in the same post that featured Batman. While, in a post from Marin Software, Morpheus spread the word that Google added ad group level bid adjustments in April.

Marin Morpheus-Enhanced-Campaigns-Mobile-Bid-Adjustments

PPC Associates let it be known they felt pretty great when Google bowed to requests for ad group level mobile bid adjustments. The agency explained that they use single keyword ad groups, so to them, this change was like winning keyword level bid adjustments. Their baby fist-pump image said it all.

PPC Associates enhanced campaigns

The Dos Equis guy sprung up in several posts. Most notably, the folks over at Clix Marketing are using The Most Interesting Man In the World to introduce readers to their Enhanced Campaigns fun on Facebook.

Clix Marketing enhanced campaigns

You’re invited to play along here:

ClixMarketing Enhanced Campaigns FB Page

If you need a reminder that the 22nd is looming, James Svoboda has a literal countdown ticking down the seconds until “E-Day” over on the WebRanking blog.

Kudos to all who have completed the migration to Enhanced Campaigns. Best of luck to the PPC teams still putting their all into preparing for a smooth transition come Monday. Feel free to vote for your favorite image (or nominate another) in the comments below.