Enhanced Campaigns & More: Our Top Paid Search Columns Of 2013

Paid search has long been a staple of Internet marketing, yet the SEM landscape continues to evolve at what seems a lightning-fast pace year after year. This past year was no exception, as 2013 brought with it a host of changes for paid search marketers.


The most notable of these changes was arguably Google’s announcement and subsequent roll-out of Enhanced Campaigns. The marketing community’s response to the news was divided – but, love it or hate it, Enhanced Campaigns became the new norm as of July 2013.

All of our knowledgeable paid search columnists helped keep marketers up-to-speed in 2013, but the following were the top ten posts of the year:

Top 10 Paid Search Columns of 2013

  1. Why My Optimized Landing Pages Trump Your SEO Or PPC Landing Pages Every Time! - August 5, 2013, by Stoney deGeyter
  2. Quality Score Explained By A Former Googler - July 12, 2013, by Frederick Vallaeys
  3. New AdWords Ad Ranking Formula: What Does It Mean? - October 30, 2013, by Larry Kim
  4. 5 More Landing Pages Tests To Improve Performance - July 15, 2013, by Mona Elesseily
  5. Should You Upgrade To AdWords Enhanced Campaigns? - February 18, 2013, by Brad Geddes
  6. 7 Landing Page Tests You Can Run Tomorrow! - April 22, 2013, by Mona Elesseily
  7. Best Practices For Google Enhanced PPC Campaigns - June 19, 2013, by Christine Churchill
  8. Targeting: AdWords Vs. Google Display Network Vs. Programmatic Display - May 6, 2013, by David Rodnitsky
  9. The PPC Experiment You Never Dare Run - September 23, 2013, by Matt Van Wagner
  10. 3 Neuromarketing Considerations For Landing Page Optimization - February 25, 2013, by Mona Elesseily

I’d also like to call out the following article by Larry Kim, which would have topped the list had it been filed under the Paid Search column. Larry put together a guide detailing how to use the Keyword Planner, Google’s replacement for the beloved Keyword Tool that was phased out earlier this year. Though it was published under the B2B Search Marketing column, the info was useful for (and shared by) marketers in the B2B and B2C space alike.

Stay tuned for more great paid search content in 2014!