Find Cat Pictures Quicker: Imgur Rolls Out A New Look With Advanced Image Search

The wildly popular image host, Imgur, has new duds and some powerful search tools that can help users identify viral images quicker than ever. Thanks to new image tagging, advanced search, Imgur may become a platform in which users frequent first, rather than find via a social posting.

The first thing to notice to the new look  Imgur is the opening filter that allows users to sort by a variety of attributes including virality, time, points and popularity. Images are then displayed as thumbnails with scoring and comments appearing upon a hover.


The biggest change that could do wonders for Imgur’s search features is the addition of tags. Each image can be tagged and scored based off of user comments. An Imgur user can quickly look at the tags and vote up or down the tags that have been previously provided. Imgur-Tags

This new tagging system can be seen front and center in the totally revamped Imgur search. When typing in a query a user can search specifically by tags, memes or image extension. Imgur-Search-Bar

The results pages then allows for the filtering by relevance, time and the highest scoring images. But wait, there’s more! Imgur has also included a new advanced image search that allows for the inclusion, exclusion, size, specific date parameters and file type in their advanced search feature:

Advanced-SearchThese upgrades are quite impressive as the early iterations of Imgur search were quite poor. I’d expect for Imgur to supplant themselves next to only Twitter for real-time social image search thanks to the upgrades.

For more information see the official blog post from Imgur.


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