Finding New Music On Bing Just Got Easier

bing-2013-logo-featuredBing announced today it has updated the way it delivers music video search results.

According to the announcement, people search for music videos differently than when they are searching for other types of videos:

When we examined search session data, we realized that when people search for music videos they tend to explore rather than finding what they were looking for and then moving on.

Bing says its music video search experience was designed to reflect how people have historically experienced music.

Now, when users perform a Bing video search for an artist, band or album, Bing delivers a dynamic carousel that showcases top songs related to the search. Using Daft Punk as an example, Bing illustrated how users can dig deeper into a band’s discography without having to leave the video search results page:

Bing Music video search

Users can also browse by album, and then see the album’s song titles by clicking on the album image:

Bing Music Album listings

Bing boasts it has over 1.7 million searchable songs and 70,000 artists.