Flickr Testing Improved Search Experience [PHOTOS]


Some Flickr users should be seeing a new search interface that’s described on the site as a “beta” and offers faster access to more content across Flickr.

Yahoo’s communications team declined to say how many users are opted in, but did give us this statement confirming the test:

We’re constantly iterating and experimenting to bring the best search experience to our users. We have nothing to announce at this time.

Images are the best way to show how it looks and what it does. First, here’s a look at the standard search results for “sunsets.”


The search filters are lined up across the top of a random assortment of images, and clicking “Advanced Search” in the upper right leads to a separate page that doesn’t show any images.


Flickr’s Search Beta

In the beta search, image results for “sunsets” begin with my personal content — a photo album with the same name, then my own sunset photos, then photos from people I follow and finally the random images from across the site.


The Advanced Search option in the upper right doesn’t take the user to a new page, but instead opens a dropdown interface with similar — but not the same — options as on the traditional advanced search page.


The options to search by image size, color and orientation are new and a welcome addition. The only thing I see missing from the older advanced search options is a way to input negative keywords as part of your search.

Importantly to content marketers, the ability to easily search for images that are free to use under Creative Commons licensing is retained in the beta search experience.

It also includes a toggle in the lower right corner to turn it on/off, along with a button to offer feedback.

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