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We designed Marketing Land’s SocialPro to help you understand, navigate and leverage the richly varied but often confusing channels that make up the social media marketing universe.

We’ll show you the most advanced, cutting-edge tactics and techniques to reach and engage with those users, whether they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any of the other popular social media networks. Sessions focus on best practices, tactics, tips and success stories from some of the most effective social media marketers and brand managers in the world. Our speakers will share tactics and case studies from their most successful campaigns, providing you with valuable takeaways that you’ll be able to put to work in your own campaigns right away.

SocialPro takes place at the Bell Harbor conference center in Seattle, June 20–21. It’s a modern, state-of-the-art conference facility, and Social Pro features the exceptional content and speakers you always expect at Marketing Land events. You’ll also have plenty of networking opportunities and be treated to first-class food and snacks.

About that exceptional content: Here’s a preview of what you can expect to gain from the conference.

Taking paid social to the next level

sp16-smilingattendeeAs a social media marketing professional, you don’t need to be convinced of the power and reach of social media. According to, the stats are compelling:

  • Number of social network users worldwide: 2.22 billion
  • Global social network penetration: 31 percent
  • Percentage of US population with a social network profile: 78 percent

For marketers, the good news is that every social media platform offers precisely targeted advertising options to reach your optimal audience. As with all online advertising channels, you need to understand the nuances of how they work and how best to craft your ads, calls to action and conversion tactics.

And the choices are proliferating. You can advertise on the high-profile, high-traffic channels. But you can also target users on lesser-known sites that nonetheless offer a compelling alternative to the big players.

In our Paid Social Track, you’ll hear about:

Reaping the harvest with organic social

According to a study by Lithium and MarketingProfs, the top three priorities for marketers using social media are:

  • promoting brand awareness;
  • driving visitors to brand websites; and
  • creating community around the brand

And the best way to accomplish those goals? By creating compelling content that users want to read, assimilate and share with others — in other words, becoming ambassadors working to promote your brand to others. So, what makes “good” content? How do you create it? How do you infuse it with authenticity so that users believe, trust and want more of it? And then go a step further with the online equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing and share it with others?

In the Organic Social Track, our panelists take you on a deep dive into these and other questions that will help you step up the quality of the content you create and improve the odds of it being shared. For example, it’s possible to stake a major claim on Facebook if you know about Decoding The Facebook News Feed. And according to Cisco, by 2019 online video will be responsible for 80 percent of global internet traffic. Want to capture some of that traffic? Be sure to check out the tactics and tips our panelists will offer in Streaming Success With Social Video.

Deep dives into the other key channels

Most social media consumption is quick and transitory, with people rapidly scanning Facebook posts or tweets, watching a short video — you know the routines. That’s what makes Pinterest — with an average visit time of 98 minutes — so compelling. Engagement on Pinterest is greater than on any other social network besides Facebook. And with its unique emphasis on visual content and mobile and social commerce, maintaining a significant presence on Pinterest is crucial for retailers and brands alike.

In Power Marketing With Pinterest, Matt Siltala will share his top tactics for creating visually engaging content that inspires more than just DIY projects and holiday recipes and transforms into real-world revenue for B2C and B2B brands alike. He’ll be joined by Allrecipes Social Media Manager Lorraine Goldberg and Pinterest’s own Brittany Mohr to discuss successful campaigns by major brands.

LinkedIn is the B2B Marketer’s BFF. It’s not just for job seekers anymore; rather, it has become a popular publishing platform for professionally focused content and is a natural place to share news about your company. What’s more, LinkedIn’s various paid options can boost brand awareness and help attract fresh new audiences based on interests.

With over 300 million users, it’s also a social network you can’t afford to ignore. Marketers are exploring new ways to use the LinkedIn platform to build influence and following, and Connecting With LinkedIn Ads with AJ Wilcox will introduce you to a number of fresh new ideas and features from the popular network that caters to professionals.

Capturing the attention of Gen X and Millennial users is critical on emerging platforms like Instagram. Hayes Davis will show you how in Instagram Insta-Success. And you may find it surprising that an enterprise software firm dedicates significant time and resources to Snapchat. BMC Software’s Carlos Gil tells you why in What You Need To Know About Snapchat.

The importance of being in the moment

sp16-malespeakerWhile social media has unquestioned benefits as a marketing channel, it has also proven to be an excellent medium for connecting with customers in real time. Organizations can reinforce traditional marketing messaging with instant content that responds to current events or proactively seeks to engage customers in dialogue.

With the proper planning, social media marketers are getting results by executing real-time marketing that is on-message, brand-centric, culturally relevant and innovative. In
Responsive Social Media: Reacting To Real-Time Events, our panelists discuss how they’ve responded to news events, participated socially during major sporting events, and more.

Social media is also an effective tool for turning customers into your best champions. In 24/7 Social Media & The Growth Of Customer Advocates, you’ll learn how Tango Card, a 24/7 service supporting incentive programs around the globe, uses its innovative MVP program to generate advocate mentions, referrals and leads.

Proving value with analytics & tools

For years, social media wasn’t taken seriously because people thought you couldn’t gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. That’s changed with the advent of sophisticated tracking, measuring and analytics tools. We’ve got plenty of sessions that show you how to measure and understand your social marketing efforts, including:

Thoughtful & inspiring keynotes

If you think social media is great today, just wait until you hear Facebook’s Wei Kuan Lum’s vision of The Awesome Future Of Social Media Marketing. Wei Kuan, head of SMB business marketing for the world’s largest social media network, will take you on a journey to where the Facebook product, platform and vision are headed in the next 10 years and beyond, discussing plans for enhanced platforms and multi-device synergies, virtual reality and all the other ways Facebook will offer opportunities to engage with customers in the open and connected world.

Content creation and distribution remain at the center of all successful social media campaigns. During our second day keynote roundtable, Brands Talk Social Media, you’ll learn how the biggest brands listen to their audience, craft a content strategy for the long haul and execute on brand voice in real-time moments. You’ll hear from DocuSign, Pabst Brewing (winner of Marketing Land’s Hashtag bowl award for most innovative use of social media during the Super Bowl), HTC and Microsoft about their unique approaches to representing well-known brands in the social space.

Exceptional networking

sp16-womennetworkingA hallmark of Marketing Land events is the networking opportunities. Start off your SocialPro experience right at the Simply Measured hub for an informal evening reception: Data & Drinks with SocialPro and Simply Measured on Monday, June 20 from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

All lunches are included for SocialPro All Access pass holders. And you’ll get more out of lunch at SocialPro than just hot meals! You’re certain to sit with knowledgeable and engaging people. These are great opportunities to continue the conversation with others who share your interests. Like the experience to be a little more structured? Sign up for an “Obsessed with…” table.

After the end of the first day of SocialPro, join us for Janes of Digital, a panel and group discussion hosted by Bing. The popular evening panel and group discussion series about career growth, equality, gender and diversity issues in technology comes to SocialPro. Join us for small bites, drinks, connecting and engaging discussion between industry leaders and the audience on Tuesday, June 21 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. at Seattle’s renowned Olympic Sculpture Park.

#FOMO — You know you’ll regret missing out on #SocialPro

One of the things we pride our conference programming on is delivering the right mix of high-level strategy, actionable tactics and measurable results marketers can use in the real world.

That’s why it’s important to us that everyone (speakers included) leave with fresh new ideas and view the SocialPro conference as the event you attend to talk shop and learn from peers.

So don’t delay — Register today! And we’ll see you in Seattle!

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