Google Adds New Features To The Keyword Planner Tool

google-adwords-600Google has added nine new features to the Google Keyword Planner Tool today.

Here are the new features in the Keyword Planner tool that you should be able to play with yourself today. The images and descriptions are from Kim Clinkunbroomer’s blog.

(1) Nice graphical visualizations and estimates for geographics that breaks out locations with volumes. You can change your time views as well.


(2) Location breakdowns for geographics of your targeted location. For example, if you are targeting an area such as the United States you have the following options: In blue you will see your Targeted Locations with estimates for the geographic targeting you have specified. In Red you will see the automatic breakdowns for further granularity of your targeted location.


(3) Device segmentation and bid adjustments. See a breakdown of volume estimates by device and get estimates specific to mobile bid adjustments. Device specific estimate breakdowns. Estimates are based on the baseline bid applied to all devices. Add a bid adjustment and adjustments based on the bid adjustment will be provided.


(4) Flexible time periods. In addition to daily estimates, you can scale results to get Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual results. Advertisers can also specify the period of time on which the estimates are based.


(5) You can see breakdowns by device and targeted locations. This feature provides data with a visual graph allowing advertisers to understand the expected contribution from individual devices.


(6) View mobile trends in green compared to the total volume across all types of devices in blue. When you place your mouse over each bar the volumes will be displayed.


(7) You can now see absolute and relative changes for each ad group and keyword’s volume comparing two periods. You can sort by these columns to understand what keywords are in-flux or on the decline by reviewing total change or percent change.


(8) A Period of Time Comparison. You now have the ability to perform time period comparisons which are also displayed in a visual graph.


(9) Specify a time period. Keyword suggestions and volume estimates will be provided around the time period specified. Included will be a graph that provides a visual of changes over time. Mouse over a bar for details on that months.