Google Adds Zip Code Matches In Knowledge Graph Carousel

Google-Voice-Logo-rm-verge_large_verge_medium_landscapeGoogle has added zip code matches and lookups to the knowledge graph section of the search results.

If you search for [new york, ny zip codes] in Google, you will be presented with all of the zip codes in that location. This loads a carousel that lets you slide through the various options:


When you search for zip codes in smaller cities, such as [tarrytown, ny zip codes] you simply get a single zip code match in a OneBox style result.

Bing also offers the zip code matches for these types of results. If you search on Bing for [new york, ny zip codes you get the following result:

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.04.43 PM

I like how Bing groups many of the zip codes together, but it feels to me that I am missing some, since it shows "..." at the end.

The zip code search feature doesn't work in all locations on Google, for example, searching for [Silver Spring, md zip codes] does not return the result you’d expect.

You’d expect and CityData are not going to be happy with this new knowledge graph.