Google AdWords Gets Copy And Paste Functionality In The Web UI

AdWords Editor is great for editing and building out campaigns and ad groups, but sometimes it would just be nice to break up an ad group, clone a campaign, or copy keywords on the fly right in the Web UI. Now you can. This week, Google added copy and paste functionality to the Web UI.

You can now copy keywords, ads, ad groups, or entire campaigns.  The copy and paste options are in the Edit menu drop down, as shown below. Better yet, simply use Ctrl-C/Cmnd-C and Ctrl-V/Cmnd-V.

AdWords Cut and Paste Web UIYou may see “Copy to” in the drop down instead of just “Copy” as shown in the Google’s screenshot above. You may also not see the option to “copy keywords as paused” that’s shown.

When copying keywords, you’ll also be prompted to select both the campaign and ad group where you want to copy them.