Google AdWords Scripts For MCC Accounts Are Here And Ready To Use

After a beta period that started in March, earlier this week, Google rolled out scripts for AdWords MCC accounts to all users. AdWords scripts can be used to automate account maintenance, changes and reporting. The ability to use scripts in MCC (My Client Center) accounts means users can now get the benefits of automation across multiple accounts.

For example, the script for the MCC Keyword Performance Report can be implemented to pull weekly keyword data from multiple accounts into a collection of Google Spreadsheets that include charts related to quality score and average position of ads. Reports can be set to email to multiple recipients as well.

AdWords scripts are relatively simple snippets of JavasSript code. To get started, click on “Scripts” in the left-hand navigation on the MCC home page.

AdWords MCC scripts

The good news is you don’t have to be a developer to use AdWords scripts. Google’s resources for scripts include documentation for developers and non-coders alike, here’s the rundown:

  1. Getting started guide for a technical overview of MCC scripts and how to use them. This is a good overview for everyone.
  2. Technical references for MCC Services via the MCC API. If you’re not using the API and aren’t a developer, you can probably skip this.
  3. Example code snippets – Here you can grab ready-to-use scripts that can be implemented as is or modified to suit your needs. Here’s a look at the variety of scripts already available, now updated to include MCC scripts:
  4. AdWords Script Solutions – This is gold for non-coders. If you’re just getting into AdWords scripts, you’ll want to bookmark this page. This section provides an overview of what each script does, how it works and the setup process along with the snippet itself. Here’s a look at the variety of scripts already available, now updated to include MCC scripts:AdWords Scripts Solutions

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