Google Beefs Up AdWords Location Extension Reporting And Targeting

Google has rolled out a couple of enhancements for paid search advertisers with brick-and-mortar locations.

A new distance report for ads with location extensions show performance broken out by distance from your businesses, ranging from 0.7 miles to over 40 miles.

Distance Reports Location Extensions Google AdWords

The distance report is located from the Dimensions tab.

Separate Settings For Location Extensions Within A Campaign

Instead of having every every location extension within a campaign restricted to using the same setting, now location extensions can have different radius settings for targeting and bidding.

For example, say a chain has stores in Los Angeles and New York. The retailer could choose to create a location extension target of 5 miles around New York City locations with a bid adjustment of +30 percent and a location extension target of 15 miles around its Los Angeles locations with a bid adjustment of +10 percent.