Google Changes AdWords Campaign ‘Limited By Budget’ Estimator

Google has rolled out a new campaign daily budget estimator for campaigns with the “limited by budget” alert in AdWords. Sergey Rusak of WordStream tweeted the new pop-up view earlier today.

Google Adwords Enhanced CampaignsThe updated budget estimator provides estimated weekly clicks and impressions and cost per week for each proposed budget setting. The graph no longer displays a historical picture of the additional clicks or impressions your campaign would have received by day over the past week if your budget had been set higher.

For example, you used to be able to see if a campaign missed out on clicks in just two of the days displayed on the graph. Now, the graph shows the aggregated estimates for clicks and impressions for each budget recommendation.

Visually, it is now easier to see the relative impact each budget setting could have on the campaign. The estimates are still based on the previous 7-day period.

I have noticed that campaigns with fairly low daily budgets don’t necessarily show the total cost estimates, at least for now.