Google Drops Authorship Rich Snippets From Search Results. A Bug?

For the past 20 minutes, if you search anything on Google, the authorship images, where it shows a picture of the individual who wrote the content shown in the Google results, no longer shows up.

Here is a picture of what a search results look like with authorship images (was documented yesterday):


Here is what the search result looks like as of a few minutes ago:


As you can see, Google has stopped showing the author’s image in the search results.

We have to assume this is a bug and this will be resolved soon, but as of now, the issue has been going on for the past 25 minutes, or around 3:45pm EST.

To learn more about Google Authorship click here.

Postscript: As of 5:05pm EST, the authorship images are now back in the Google search results.