Google Enhanced Campaigns Are Here: What You Need To Know Now

google-adwords-square-logoIf you haven’t done it, Google will do it for you. Beginning today, many AdWords “legacy” campaigns will be “enhanced” and in the near future, all will be.

Many expected to wake up to an exclusively enhanced world this morning. But, the big switch-flip at midnight didn’t happen. Google has said it will still take several weeks to complete the transition.

In the meantime, you can even still create legacy campaigns — targeting tablets only, no less. But, that’s an exercise in futility. The change is coming.

Now that we are here on the cusp of the completed migration, it’s time to learn from one another and establish some new best practices — and workarounds — for PPC in an enhanced campaign world.

To get this new chapter kicked off, below is a roundup of articles on the new features and optimization strategies for enhanced campaigns. No doubt these early strategies will continue to evolve, which of course is part of the attraction to PPC for so many — the tinkering, experimentation and ability to adapt to whatever curve balls the search engines pitch out.

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Postscript: Google now says the full rollout will take several weeks to complete. We’ve updated our story to reflect this. See also our follow-up story, Google: Today’s Enhanced Campaigns Rollout Will Take Several Weeks To Complete