Google: Today’s Enhanced Campaigns Rollout Will Take Several Weeks To Complete

Account managers have been bombarded with alerts in their AdWords dashboards for months now. Today, notices like the one below started appearing upon login to AdWords — upgrade your campaigns by July 22  or Google will do it for you.


Now, in a new blog post, Senior Vice President-Ads & Commerce Sridhar Ramaswamy states that a grand switch to AdWords Enhanced Campaigns will not happen today, as most believed. Ramaswamy states, “As with many product launches, the rollout will be gradually completed over several weeks.”

So, yes, enhanced campaigns are coming, just maybe not for you today. This is the first word from Google indicating that the conversion to enhanced wasn’t going to be a one-day affair. Obviously, Google wanted as many campaigns switched over ahead of the July 22 “deadline,” and that’s likely the reason for communicating the cut-over as a hard date as opposed to the “in the coming weeks” that usually accompanies word of a new product or feature launch.

Ramaswamy echoes Larry Page’s statement from last week’s earnings call that “advertisers have upgraded over 6 million legacy campaigns, representing almost 75% of active campaigns.” Certainly, more campaigns were transitioned in the past four days since Page first made the statement, but it’s probably safe to say there is still somewhere in the range of 1 to 2 million campaigns left to migrate.

So, if you’ve flaunted the July 22 deadline, Google may have bought you some more time to make the transition yourself. To ring in the new era, we’ve pulled together a compilation of articles on many of the new features and expert advice on optimizing and testing in enhanced campaigns. You’ll find that here: