Google Expands Commission-Based Hotel Ads Program


Tuesday, Google announced the expansion of its commission-based advertising product for independent hotels.

Google Hotel Ads Commission Program launched with a small set of hotels earlier this year. The program is designed for small and independent hotels, charging them on an industry-standard commission basis rather than by cost-per-click for Book on Google ads. The program is now opening up to more hotels.

Google partners with hotel technology solution providers such as DerbySoft, Fastbooking, Sabre Hospitality Solutions, Seekda, TravelClick and Trust International and plans to add more providers.

Book On Google Ads Come To Desktop

The hotel booking ads, Book on Google, launched in 2013 on mobile. Google is now bringing them to desktop and tablets. Google facilitates booking payments with these ads, and the customer information is passed on to the hotels.

Book on Google is currently only available for users in the US.

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