Google Intros Android App For Managing Google Places Listings


Local business owners have a new tool for managing their Google Places For Business Listing.

Mike Blumenthal got the scoop on the new Android app that lets SMBs update their business information, post update and photos to their Google+ Local Page, respond to comments on Google+ and more. It also offers very basic analytics data such as “impressions” and “actions.” Google says that any changes made inside the app will show up across Google properties — in search results, Google Maps, Google+ Local and Google’s mobile search.

The app, however, doesn’t let business owners respond to customer reviews, nor does it allow for the creation of new listings. It’s also currently only for U.S. businesses.

The app is free from the Google Play Store, which is where these screenshots come from:


If this sounds like a case of deja vu, here’s why: Back in April, Google released a Places For Business app for iOS devices with a very similar feature set. But that app was quickly pulled from the iTunes App Store and Google said it was released accidentally. The app hasn’t been seen since.

Google told Blumenthal that there’s no timeframe for releasing the new app on iOS.