Google Issues Best Practices For Shopping Campaigns Ahead Of This Summer’s Big Transition


With Shopping Campaigns becoming the default campaign type for running Product Listing Ads on Google by the end of August, the search giant has issued a best practices whitepaper to help marketers make the transition.

The main points the paper dives into are product feed optimization and updates, Shopping campaign structure, bidding and mobile recommendations. Much of the best practices haven’t necessarily changed from the original PLA recommendations — use relevant titles and high-quality images — but there are good baseline reminders such as limiting title length to 50 characters to avoid truncation.

The recommendations on how to structure the new Shopping campaigns, though, will be particularly useful for marketers beginning to transition their campaigns. Google wants advertisers to think of their campaigns like a storefront and suggests focusing on product lines, profit margins and best sellers. Sounds simple when you see it, but they provide a good framework for thinking about how to set up new campaigns.

And, Google really wants merchants to be thinking about the mobile impact on their business and their Shopping campaigns. Advertisers with mobile landing pages should update their feeds for the new mobile landing page attribute, for example.

With new product feed specifications issued just yesterday, merchants will need to be paying close attention to their feeds and Shopping campaigns in the coming months to ensure their accounts are ready for the holiday push.

The whitepaper can be downloaded from Google directly or from its solution center on Search Engine Land.