Google: It’s Unnatural To Even Ask For Links To Your Site


Google’s latest blog post on the Portuguese webmaster blog has been drawing a lot of attention from the SEO community. It specifically said that webmasters should not even ask for links.

The line was even bolded by the author, Google’s Diogo Botelho, who wrote, “não compre, venda, troque ou peça links,” which translates to “do not buy, sell, exchange or ask for links.”

Here are screen grabs of the non-translated and translated version:



At first I thought it was a translation issue or slang type of issue, but no, it was not according to native Portuguese speakers I asked.

I did ask Google for a comment on this over 24 hours ago and still have not heard back from them.

Google’s John Mueller did say something similar to this back in February 2015, where he said webmasters should avoid link building because it is unnatural.

Why is Google saying this now? If they find out you asked for links will you get a manual action for unnatural links? It is hard to say. It might be Google saying to webmasters that once you start asking for links, it might lead to other things and lead you down the wrong path.

Truth is, I tried to get a comment from Google on this and they haven’t responded, so these are just my assumptions.

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