Google Knowledge Graph Carousel Sightings Becoming More Frequent Within A Wider Variety Of Searches

knowledge-graphWhile the Google Knowledge Graph Carousel was launched nearly a year ago, more reports are confirming Carousel image displays appearing more often and for a wider variety of categories in SERPs.

The Carousel display shows results in an image-focused fashion, listed horizontally at the top of the SERP. The new reports show an updated design, with images set on a black background.

According to Greg Gifford on the Autorevo blog, Carousel results are moving beyond restaurants and hotel searches, with more than 50 different topics serving up the Carousel display, including searches for: wedding venues, recording studios, city parks, art galleries and grocery stores.

Mike Blumenthal’s blog reports that the new Carousel design and display of results, “…will ‘disrupt’ traditional searcher behaviors that heavily favored the first search results by spreading clicks more evenly across the page. With a horizontal display, it might be equally advantageous to be third as it is to be first in order.”

Caroursel Display

(Image credit: Search Engine Round Table)