Google Knowledge Graph Proves To Be (Brief) PR Nightmare For Major UK Brand Greggs Bakery

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The UK’s Greggs Bakery took a hit recently when its logo was hi-jacked via Google’s knowledge graph, causing a short-lived PR nightmare for the brand.

Anyone searching “Greggs” on Google UK would have seen a knowledge graph box that included what appeared to be the brand’s logo, but with the accompanying fake slogan “Providing sh*t to scum for 70 years.”

The fake logo was sourced from the satirical website, a questionable resource for Google knowledge graph data.

Here’s a screen shot of Google UK’s knowledge graph displaying the fake Greggs logo:

Greggs Bakery search

Fortunately, the brand was on top of the issue and brought it to Google UK’s attention in an amusing exchange on Twitter.

After Google fixed the issue, Greggs responded with a request for a Greggs Google doodle as compensation for the mix up:

The same thing happened to PC World earlier this year when its logo was replaced with a look-a-like image that read, “PC WORLD: Like hell, but with worse customer service.”

While Google UK quickly remedied the Greggs logo error, the underlying issue here is the PR dilemma resulting from Google’s knowledge graph pulling incorrect information for a business or brand.

Showing up on Google’s front page stops being a good thing when the information displayed reflects poorly on a brand. Being a socially savvy brand, Greggs avoided any long-term damage, but what happens when a company doesn’t have the SEO resources or knowledge to address such issues?

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