Google launches its giant mobile search ads for auto makers in the US

Google is launching its specialized mobile search ads for automotive manufacturers and dealers. First announced in beta last May, Model Automotive ads and Dealer Automotive ads are now available to eligible advertisers in the US.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) automotive advertisers can run Model Automotive ads on searches for auto makes and models. The ads feature large-format images, performance details and links to the manufacturer’s website, nearby dealers and other information. google mobile search ads for automotive launch

Toyota and Ford are currently running the new ad formats for some models. Google says engagement rates on Model Automotive ads have shown to be 30 percent higher on average compared to standard text ads. “Across our core line of car models, we’ve seen a 45-percent increase in conversion events and a 30-percent decrease in CPA compared to standard text ads,” Dionne Colvin-Lovely, director of traditional and new media for Toyota Motor Sales, USA, said in a statement.

The Dealer Automotive ads are available to franchise and authorized auto dealerships in the US. The ads include location, directions and a click-to-call button for nearby dealerships and display at the top of mobile search results. The dealer ads also integrate with the Model Automotive ads, accessed from the “Dealers” tab in those ads.

google mobile dealer ads

Why these specialized mobile ad units for automotive? The search giant says that half of automotive searches on Google now occur on smartphones — up 51 percent from a year ago. Searches for pictures of cars and truck brands rose 37 percent year over year, with 80 percent now occurring on mobile. And searches for “car dealerships near me” have doubled, also with 80 percent of these searches now happening on mobile.

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