Google Local Pack Displaying Logos In Web Search Results


Google is testing a new local pack design, also known as the “snack pack,” it’s local maps results found in the web search results that are triggered based on local intent queries.

The newly tested local pack is displaying logos for some searchers. I am personally not able to replicate it, but Justin Aldridge posted a screen shot of it on Twitter:


Typically, the local pack just contains the business name, location, reviews and a map. You can see the map image in the first result in the local pack image above. But the two other results show the company’s logos.

Jennifer Slegg posted an expanded view of what you see after you click on the “more yacht charter” link to show more local results. As you can see, some contain maps, some contain logos and some contain pictures from their local business listing:


Google is constantly testing new user interfaces and layouts in the search results.

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