Google Logo Doubles As Parachute Game Before Answering The Question: When Was The First Parachute Jump?

Google Parachute Logo6The Google logo team has been busier than usual this week. After celebrating salsa singer Celia Cruz yesterday, today’s Google logo includes an interactive image to mark the first parachute jump.

Performed by Andre-Jacque Garnerin on October 22, 1797, the jump occurred 216 years ago at Parc Monceau in Paris from a descent of approximately 3,000 meters out of a hydrogen balloon. Two years after his historical parachute jump, Garnerin’s future wife Jeanne Genevieve Labrosse would become the first female parachutist.

The logo includes an interactive game that lets users shift the parachute’s fall using the right and left arrow keys, helping the illustrated Garnerin land either on the ground, in the sea, or on a sailboat.

Upon landing, users are given a choice to restart the jump or click a search icon which leads to a search result page for: “When was the first parachute jump?”

Google Parachute Logo1

Google Parachute Logo2

Google Parachute Logo3

Google Parachute Logo4

Google Parachute Logo5