Google Logo Dressed Up As A Halloween Witch Today

Google WitchTo celebrate the spookiest of all holidays today, Google has replaced its logo with an interactive image of a Halloween witch browsing her book of spells. By clicking the play button on the logo, the book transforms into a caldron and users are prompted to select a bone, potion, skeleton or apple to add to the witch’s brew.

After choosing two items, users are offered a series of Halloween games, including: a monster-hand version of whack-a-mole, Three-card Monte with coffins, lighting pumpkins, finding green goblins in a darkened forest, moving howling ghosts toward a full moon or knocking down hanging spiders.

The volume icon allows users to mute the logo’s eerie sounds, and the search icon leads to a search result page for Halloween Witch.

If you haven’t been to Google’s homepage yet, or are not patient enough to find all the games, here’s a collection of what you would see starting with the home page logo:

Google Witch Logo

Google Logo Witches Brew

Google Logo Monster Hands

Google Logo Coffins

Google Logo PumpkinsGoogle Logo Green Goblin

Google Logo Moon and Ghosts

Google Logo Spiders