Google Maps Currently Taking Users To The Moon & Mars

Google Maps Mars

Google Maps used its Google+ profile yesterday to announce a new out-of-this-world feature, allowing users to explore the craters on Mars and take a virtual trip to the moon.

The announcement marked NASA’s Curiosity Rover expedition to Mars, which has spent the last two year’s roaming the red planet’s surface.

To find the moon and nearby planet via Google Maps, click the Earth view link in the bottom left corner of the Google Maps homepage. Once the 3D version of Earth has loaded, zoom all the way out to see options for selecting the Moon or Mars across the bottom of the page in the “Explore” section.

Clicking on the “Moon” or “Mars” links will launch images of the celestial objects, where users can zoom in to take a closer look.

Google Maps Mars2

Google Maps also offered the following 30-second video to show what space travel is like via its site:

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