Google Maps “Explore” Feature Shows What’s Nearby Along With Reviews & Travel Times


Google Maps announced a new “Explore”  feature yesterday for its Android and iOS app. The new feature offers a “local guide” that adapts to wherever the user may be.

According to the release:

Now, whenever you want to discover places in your area, simply tap the new Explore button at the bottom right corner of your map to get a quick look at what’s nearby (where available). With Explore as your guide, you’ll see different places and activities that adapt to each area and moment throughout your day.

The new feature lists local information, showing nearby locations along with reviews and travel distances:

Google Maps2

The “Explore” feature also lets users search local results based on travel times or the time of day, as displayed here:

Google Maps3   Google Maps4

For best search results, Google said users need to be signed into their Google account and have their location reporting and history turned on.

Android users have an added benefit of the “My Location” button within the “Explore” feature to find expanded information on specific locations, including transit schedules and the ability to save a place for later.

The “My Location” button on the Google Maps Android app is located on the bottom right side of the screen, or can be accessed by tapping the blue dot on the map.

Google Maps5    Google Maps6

The new feature is rolling out this week and will be available to Android and iOS users in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan.

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