Google Maps redesigns ‘Explore’ tab, launches ‘Your match,’ ‘Group planning’ and ‘For you’ section

Today at Google I/O, Google announced new Google Maps features that are rolling out globally on Android and iOS in the coming months. The new features include a new “Explore” tab, brand-new features around “Your match” and “Group planning” and a new “For you” section.

Redesigned Explore tab

The redesigned Explore tab shows searchers who are using Google Maps dining venues, events and activities that are “new and interesting” and “nearby.” Here is a GIF of the new “nearby” tab in action:

Your match

The new “Your match” feature will show you how likely you are to enjoy a place and provides reasons you will enjoy it. So, when you click on a specific place, Google will generate a number based on “what we know about a business, the food and drink preferences you’ve selected in Google Maps, places you’ve been to, and whether you’ve rated a restaurant or added it to a list.” This all uses machine learning, Google says. Plus, Google will get smarter with this score over time based on your history.

Here is a GIF of Your match in action:

Group planning

Here is a GIF of that in action:

For you

The “For you” tab lets you choose to follow neighborhoods and dining spots and based on what you choose, Google will send you ideas for what to do next time you want to go out. Here is a GIF of that in action:

Augmented Reality

Google Maps directions is also getting AR, Augmented Reality, to help users navigate and find places. Stepping out of a subway and onto a city street, it can be confusing to know which direction to walk, especially if you are new to the area. These AR features point a user in the right direction:

By overlaying the way you should walk on top of the camera on your phone, a user can quickly see which way they should head.

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