Google Maps Timeline finally comes to iOS

Google Maps users on iOS are getting a feature that’s new to them, but not to users on Android or desktop computers.

It’s called Timeline, and Google first rolled it out during the summer of 2015.

Timeline is sort of like a life log tool — it tracks all the places you’ve visited over a specific period of time. It’s similar to what you can do via check-in platforms like Yelp and Swarm (and Facebook, even), but Timeline for Google Maps doesn’t require a check-in action.

Users can revisit places they’ve visited via a new tab in the Google Maps menu, and Google will also add a note (e.g., “You visited 4 days ago”) to the place cards of locations they’ve visited — but that note will only be visible to the user, not to the public. Timeline also lets users edit and/or delete the locations they’ve visited.

There’s also an option to subscribe to monthly emails in which Google will summarize all the places you’ve visited.

Minor Google Search app update, too

I should also mention that the Google iOS search app had a minor update this week. Version 25 of that app now lets users swipe left to delete past search terms from the list of suggested search terms that appear when searching.

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