Google Market Share: 67 Percent On PC, 83 Percent In Mobile


Last week, comScore released its August U.S. search market share rankings report. It appears Google has permanently plateaued at 67 percent (or so). In Europe, Google’s share is above 90 percent, which is why all the antitrust activity.

Back in the U.S., Microsoft and Yahoo combined for 29 percent, which is where the Search Alliance has been since day one. The only drama of late was provided by the fall of Yahoo’s share below 10 percent briefly.

However, Yahoo now appears to be resting at 10 percent.

comScore August search share

StatCounter, by comparison, shows Google’s U.S. desktop market share to be higher: 76.4 percent. Bing has 13 percent and Yahoo has 9 percent in the StatCounter data.

The comScore numbers above don’t reflect mobile search. However, I suspect we’ll see that in the near future, just as comScore has combined mobile and PC traffic in its new unified Top 50 sites list.

StatCounter shows the following U.S. mobile search market share breakdown:

StatCounter Mobile Search Share US

Source: StatCounter (8/14)

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