Google News Archive Returns Via Search Tools


Google has brought back the ability to search the Google News Archive, dating back to news stories in 2003.

In August 2011, Google removed the Google News Archive home page and then during redesigns, the ability to search the archive was dropped as well.

After much feedback and complaining by searchers, Google has brought the feature back within the “search tools” box. You can access it by searching in Google News and then clicking on “Search Tools” and then “Recent.” Then select the “Archive” option from the drop down:


Stacie Chan from the Google News team said in a forum thread:

Great news–we’ve re-enabled archives search! Our team listened to all your feedback you left here in the forum, and was hard at work to bring you an even better archive experience. From all the posts we received, we heard loud and clear how important these archives are to our users. You can now go digging back in time to 2003. Search on :)

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