Google News Reader Is Updated For Android & iOS, With Customized Settings & Added Desktop Features

google-news-logoGoogle is updating the look and feel of its News reader on Android and iOS devices, as well as adding a few new features.

According to the announcement, the new Google News reader for Android and iOS offers three new customized settings: the option to change the theme from light to dark, reduce or increase font sizes, and select larger-sized story cards with more information.

Google says the updated News reader has improved navigation, with a listing of sections made available by clicking the Google News icon in the top left of the screen. A “Google Feedback” option has also been added to the menu on the top right of the screen.

Along with the new updates, Google has added desktop features, including: a weather gadget in the Local section and the ‘Editors Picks’ option. Also, social posts from Google+ related to a story are now included in article clusters.

Google says will begin rolling the new version in the US staring today, with an international roll-out coming soon.

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