Google Nixed 4,143 Links To YouTube, Groups Under “RTBF”


On the heels of our earlier discussion of search-index removal requests under the “Right to Be Forgotten” (RTBF) in Europe, stories came out about the direct release of data by Google itself. The data are being released in a new section in Google’s regular transparency report.

The reports detail government requests to remove content from Google as well as copyright takedown requests. Now they include RTBF requests.

In the new section, Google breaks out the requests and removals by country. Overall Google said it had evaluated  497,695 URLs for removal as part of 144,954 RTBF requests. The company also said it had removed nearly 42 percent of requested URLs, which is pretty close to the data provided by Reputation VIP.

Google RTBF

The countries with the lowest percentage of RTBF requests granted were Italy and Portugal, with just over 24 percent. The countries with the highest percentage of requests allowed and links removed were Germany, France and Austria with between 50 and 54 percent.

Google also provides multiple examples by country of the types of requests being submitted. Here are three:

Google RTBF Requests Google RTBF Requests Google RTBF Requests

Google has removed over 4,100 links to YouTube and Google groups URLs in response to takedown requests. As such it’s the entity with the most removals granted against it. Facebook is the individual site that has seen the most RTBF requests granted, with more than 3300 URLs de-indexed since the formal process was implemented several months ago.

Google RTBF Requests

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