Google Now Cards Invade The New Google Maps

Google Maps iconGoogle sure does love its new card-based information display.

They’re the primary display for Google Now information. They’re part of Google’s new unified design on mobile devices. They’re how all information is displayed on Google Glass. They’ve been spotted in the wild displaying Google News results, too.

And now they’re part of the new (still in beta) Google Maps experience — one of several updates announced today.

Google says it’s in the process of adding cards for personal travel — flight, hotel and restaurant reservations — right inside Google Maps. The cards will show up if you search for your destination (the airport, hotel or restaurant), as shown on this Google screenshot:


That’s currently rolling out to Maps users in the U.S., and works for English-language users only.

That’s not all. Another update for the new Google Maps is the addition of a card showing upcoming events when the user searches for event/performance venues.


And the third update announced today has nothing to do with cards, but will make a lot of users happy. The new Google Maps now supports getting directions for multiple destinations. This is something that the original/old Google Maps has supported for years, and Google got a lot of vocal complaints that it wasn’t available in the new Google Maps.

You can get all the details in Google’s blog post.