Google Now Changing The Top Search Filters Based On Query

google logo - basic 570x270Google is now dynamically changing the top search menu/filters based on the search query entered by the searcher.

So now, what options you see at the top might differ or be in a different order based on the query you enter into Google’s search box.

A Google spokesperson told us this based on noticing that some Google search filters went missing recently. Google said:

We’re always making changes to Search to help you find the most useful things more easily. Now when you search, the type of results you can select at the top of the page will vary depending on what makes sense for your search.

For example, if you search for “English to Tagalog” you’ll see ‘Apps’ that’ll help you with translation as well as ‘Books’ and ‘Shopping’ in case you’re looking to buy a printed or electronic dictionary.

The truth is, I cannot trigger the “missing” search filters to come up for places, blogs, discussions, recipes, and patents. We had all of those back six months ago and no matter what I search for, those options do not show up. The search tools do change based on my query being, let’s say, recipe related. But the recipe filter does not show up for [fudge brownies].

Here are screen shots of the top menu changing based on the query:

google top menu3

google top menu1

google top menu

google top menu2

We have asked for further clarification about the missing search filters that we cannot find for our sample queries.

In April, Google dropped the related search filter due to lack of use.

Postscript: Google added that the reason I no longer see some search filters or options is because they are now included in the main web search results. Google said, “While you’ll no longer see the option to filter results to only include Discussions, these types of results will be included in the overall web results.”