Google Now Comes To Chrome For Desktops & Laptops

Google’s amazing predictive search tool, Google Now, is finally being made available to people on desktop and laptop computers using the regular release of its Chrome browser. Until now, it had only been available through mobile devices or to those using beta versions of Chrome.

Google shared the news via its Google Chrome account on Twitter today:

It also shared through Google+:


Google pointed to a help page about the how it works. Google Now had been available since January to Chrome users who were using beta/developer editions of Chrome, but now it’s available to anyone using the regular version of Chrome.

To get notifications, look for the bell icon in the status bar area of your Mac (usually at the top) or Windows computer. (usually at the bottom). Clicking on that will bring up any Google Now alerts:

Google Now for Desktop

If you don’t see a bell icon, make sure you’re signed-in to Chrome using the same Google account you use for Google Now on your mobile devices. Otherwise, have patience. Google says the rollout begins today but could take the “next few weeks” to complete.