Google Now On Tap Finds In-App Answers, Navigates Between Apps Seamlessly


Like a monkey swinging from tree to tree, Google Now on Tap is able to navigate between apps and generate more information about the content in apps without ever conducting a formal search.

Those capabilities were demonstrated earlier today at SMX Paris. Danny Sullivan was in the audience tweeting about a Google Now on Tap demo being delivered by Google’s Behshad Behzadi.

In the video below, for example, Behzadi asks Google for more information about Swiss tennis player Stan Wawrinka, using the pronoun “he”: “how many grand slams has he won?” Google understands that “he” is Wawrinka, featured in the app.

Behzadi also did the same with content in Google Chrome using a similarly ambiguous question featuring pronouns.

Behzadi demonstrated moving between apps, from Yelp to OpenTable, without conducting multiple searches, using a restaurant card in Google Now.

There were a series of examples of location-aware search, which hadn’t been demonstrated previously anywhere. People in the video below and other videos were able to use voice search to ask about “this church” or “this park” or “this restaurant” within immediate proximity. Google recognized the location and was able to disambiguate the “this” in the question and provide an answer.

Across a range of search-related fronts Google is adding convenience, utility and some gee-whiz features to make search more useful and engaging to smartphone owners. Now on Tap, in-app deep-linking and touch-to-search are all part of this multi-pronged initiative.

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